As low as 125 €
- Upper in Ripstop (100% recycled polyester)
- Pannels in Suede & Leather
- Side V Logo in Rubber and Rice Waste (22%)
- Organic cotton laces (100%)
- Midsole made from sugar cane (52%)
- Glued outsole made of Amazon rubber (12%) & rice waste (30%)
- Insole made of sugar cane (40%), organic cotton (12%), amazonian rubber (11%) & recycled E.V.A.* (11%)
- Tech inner lining (100% recycled polyester) developed to acquire a better resistance to friction and provide maximum comfort and flexibility thanks to its mesh structure.

Ripstop features a reinforced structure as it is tearresistant due to its mesh-shaped pattern made up of fine and thicker, intertwined yarns. If there is a tear in the fabric, it will be narrowed down to the circumference of the square. Being a light material, it is often used on outdoor activities, which requires solid technical expertise.

Suede is made from the underside of the leather that is brushed to make it softer and more flexible. It comes from the Rio Grande do Sul farms. It is tanned in Brazil, respecting the REACH norms. Very special attention is paid to the water usage during the tanning process. The suede is coated with water-repellent oils to protect the shoes from a light rain. It’s certified by the Leather Working Group (L.W.G) which promotes sustainable environmental practices of leather manufacturers.

*Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Consegna standard e resi gratuiti per tutti gli ordini superiori a 99€ nei i paesi idoneia(1)
  • Consegna standard in Europa entro 3-7 giorni lavorativi(2)
  • Consegna espressa in Europa entro 2-5 giorni lavorativi(3)


(1) Elenco dei Paesi europei interessati dal rimpatrio gratuito: Andorra, Austria, Belgio, Croazia, Repubblica Ceca, Estonia, Francia, Germania, Grecia, Ungheria, Irlanda, Italia, Lituania, Lussemburgo, Malta, Monaco, Paesi Bassi, Polonia, Portogallo, Romania, Slovacchia, Slovenia, Spagna, Svizzera, Regno Unito, Finlandia.

(2) Dal lunedì al sabato (esclusi i giorni festivi), dalla ricezione dell'e-mail di conferma dell'ordine se non diversamente indicato nella descrizione del prodotto.

(3) Consegna espressa garantita per tutti gli ordini effettuati prima delle 19:30, dal lunedì al giovedì (esclusi i giorni festivi), dal momento in cui riceviamo l'email di conferma dell'ordine.


Attenzione : gli ordini verso paesi al di fuori dell'Unione Europea sono soggetti a possibili tasse e dazi doganali nel paese di destinazione. Questi costi e le relative formalità sono a carico del cliente/destinatario.  


Maggiori informazioni sui tempi di consegna e sulla politica di restituzione.  

The use of a washing machine is not recommended as it may alter the properties of the different materials.Before wearing them for the first time, we advise you to waterproof your shoes with a spray adapted to the material and to repeat this operation periodically.MAINLINECanvas models: the canvas can be brushed with cold water and soap of Marseille.Leather models: maintain the smooth leather of your shoes with a wet cloth and periodically with a specific product in spray or cream. Suede inserts can be maintained by dry brushing.CWL models: maintain the CWL of your shoes with a damp cloth and Marseille soap.