Privacy Policy

Veja Faire Trade SARL, a limited liability company headquartered at 146 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75010 Paris, France, collects and retains some of your information securely for purposes that are relevant to you.
We use your personal information to enhance your customer experience while protecting your data.

Your personal information will be automatically deleted if your Veja account has been inactive for 3 years.
We will send you an email to inform you that your account has been deleted.

At Veja, we are 100% committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and visitors.

How do we use your information and why? You can find the answers below.



What data do we collect?

We collect the following information directly from you via the forms on our website: 

- Your identity; 

- Your postal address; 

- Your e-mail address; 

- Your telephone number; 

- Your date of birth; 

- Your gender; 

- Your payment information. 

We also collect data as you browse our website and when you contact us: 

- Your contact history; 

- Your purchase history; 

- Your IP address; 

- The device you are using. 

In order to ensure the proper functioning of the service, we also deposit one or more cookies on your terminal. 

We invite you to refer to the article below in this document, which describes more precisely the different types of cookies we use. 



How do we use your name and contact information? 

Your identity, postal and e-mail addresses are necessary for us to send you your orders. 

This information is also useful to us in order to send you information by e-mail (updates of your order, delivery information...). 

Your contact information is necessary for us to detect fraud and protect you against it. 



How do we use your date of birth? 

Your date of birth is used to protect minors and to detect fraud in order to protect you against it. 



How do we use your gender information? 

We use your gender information to make it easier for you to navigate our site and to direct you more quickly to the items you want. 

We also need this information to send you emails (newsletters) that are relevant to you. 



Your payment information 

VEJASTORE pays particular attention to security issues regarding payment on the Internet. Your bank details are transmitted to our server in encrypted form using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, and sent in a totally secure environment to our bank, via Adyen. They are not stored under any circumstances.



How do we use your contact history? 

We need your contact information in order to provide you with the best possible service and for our Customer Service to be able to assist you. 



How do we use your purchase history? 

We need your purchase history to manage returns and support requests in order to provide you with the best possible service and to respond to all your requests. 



How do we use information about your computer or cell phone browsing? 

This is information you give us when you browse our site such as your IP address, the type of device you use and how you use our site. 

We need this information in order to improve our site and provide you with the best possible online shopping experience. 

Veja does not require you to provide this information. In fact, you have the right and option not to do so, but you may not be able to place an order on our site. 



Sharing Your Information 

Veja does not sell your personal information to third parties (including your name, address, e-mail or credit card information). Your personal information is only accessible to our departments when they need it. 

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we share your information with companies that handle your order such as: 

- Warehouses, order pickers, delivery companies and payment providers 

- Professionals who operate our site (digital partners) 

- Law enforcement agencies that help us prevent fraud 




If you have authorized us to do so, we will send you newsletters by e-mail in order to keep you informed of our news and to let you discover new articles. 



How to stop receiving newsletters? 

You can stop receiving our newsletters whenever you want. To do so, you just have to click on "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the newsletter you received by e-mail. 

Once you have done so, we will update your profile to ensure that you no longer receive newsletters. 



Retention of your information 

We retain your information for the life of your account. After 3 years of inactivity on your Veja account, we will delete your account and personal information. 

Your order information is also retained for legal or regulatory obligations, to resolve disputes, prevent fraud and abuse, or to enforce our terms and conditions for the duration of the legal statute of limitations, which is 5 years. 




A cookie is a text file stored by a website on your computer or cell phone to collect data about your browsing on that site. 

We use cookies to identify the sections and pages you visit in order to facilitate your navigation and online experience and to improve our services. 

For more information, please see our Cookie Policy. 



Your Rights 

You have rights regarding your personal information. Here are the rights you have in this regard. 

First, you have the right to access the personal information Veja has about you and you have the right to be informed about how we use that information. 

In the event that we have inaccurate information about you, you can change your personal information directly in your Veja account at any time. 

You have the right to ask us to delete your personal information or to stop using it under certain circumstances. 

You can stop receiving newsletters at any time (just click on "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the newsletter you receive by e-mail). 

You may also have the right to portability and the right to set up instructions regarding the retention, deletion and disclosure of your personal data after death. 

You can exercise your rights by sending us a request in this sense via the "Contact Us" section or by e-mail at the following address:  

Finally, if you have any difficulty in exercising your rights, you have the right to contact the French National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties. 

Veja may make changes to the processing of your data. In this case, we will communicate these changes on our site.