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For the store’s design, VEJA chose to work with the Berliner
architects Gonzalez Haase. We worked
using raw materials:
concrete, oak, steel, and soil. The inspiration behind
these 100 square meters lies in the minimalist design of Berlin,
which is already found in VEJA stores in Paris, Bordeaux
and New York.
The sneaker racks are made of rammed earth: a mixture of s
oil and concrete.
This material was conceived by Frank Lennart, a German craftsman.

In addition to the men, women, and kids’ collections,
an in-store cobbler will propose the repairing and cleaning of sneakers and shoes.


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 Our first cobbling project was launched in June 2020 in Darwin,
Bordeaux: a space to clean, repair and collect old pairs from VEJA and
other brands. In July 2021, a new cobbler shop opened in Paris,
Galeries Lafayette. More than 2 800
pairs have been repaired so far. 

The store will be powered by Bürgerwerke, a supplier on
renewable electricity.


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