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In keeping with VEJA’s ethos, the team worked to create
a simple, minimal, and refined space with limited waste.
They collaborated with New York architect Paul Van Der Grient
of WXY Studio.

To leave the space rough is the way we always saw it.
Lots of brands change everything when they settle into
a store. It is heartbreaking to see all the materials and
furniture that gets thrown away. We think the opposite:
the store of the future will be very simple. We like to feel the
history of the place. For us, “a used wooden floor tells a story,
and it’s also far more ecological to try to keep everything.”
Sébastien Kopp, co-founder of VEJA.

Beyond the materials, even the store’s electricity is 100%
renewable with wind energy provided by Abest.

Unique design elements in the space include custom neon
pieces by Brazilian artist Kleber Matheus. A video display
to the left of the entryway shares the brand’s story and
mission, to look at the entire process of making a shoe -
from the innovative materials to the fair wages that are core
to VEJA’s DNA.

In addition to retail, the shop will host monthly panels,
discussions, and activations with a focus on transparency,
climate initiatives, and sustainability.
Programming will begin in April.


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A 2300-square-foot space where VEJA's teams
and Office JDY architects kept the old brick walls,
concrete floors, and wooden ceilings.
They also added new wooden benches, plaster displays,
and a wooden cobbler workshop to welcome
VEJA's first in-store cobbler in the USA.
Additionally, the space features a courtyard.
VEJA welcomes its first in-store cobbler station in the US.
VEJA introduced the CLEAN, REPAIR and COLLECT project in June 2020.
The aim is to offer customers the option to clean and repair
their shoes and sneakers, extending their lifespan,
or to collect them for recycling if they cannot be repaired.