VEJA and Deidra Hodgson, a London-based interior designer,

collaborated on the concept for the store.


The building's exterior reveals a clean, simple space that reflects VEJA's style across 137 sqm:

keeping it simple, using local materials, and working with what's already there.

The space features around 5.000 bricks made in France, custom-cut.

VEJA's team picked natural stone because of its low impact.

Natural stone bricks, unlike clay ones, are made without firing,

which reduces their carbon footprint.

These cool-toned bricks give a modern look to London's style.


Marking a first for VEJA, restock pairs will be delivered to the store daily by bike.


The new space will have an in-store cobbler station who can repair and clean sneakers

and shoes from all brands.


With VEJA London, we're extending our CLEAN, REPAIR and COLLECT

project to the 6 existing in-store cobbler stations worldwide,

located in Paris, Bordeaux, Berlin, Madrid, and Brooklyn.