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Performing as an activist core, Darwin has developed an urban farm,
XXL skate-park, spaces for graffiti artists, an organic grocery store and
an organic restaurant called Le Magasin Général. In recent years, Darwin has
even welcomed refugees and has been the Mecca of solidarity during the confinement.

Every year, Darwin organizes the militant festival CLIMAX which brings together music and
debates around current issues. Guests such as the primatologist Jane Goodall, the
philosopher Edgar Morin, the Amazonian activist Raoni or the actress Marion Cotillard
are welcomed. The former military barracks has become an international example of
ecological commitment.

VEJA has chosen this hybrid place to launch its new project:
a space to clean, repair and recycle your old pairs.

VEJA x DARWIN brings together never launched VEJA prototypes, sneakers with
minimal defects at reduced pricesand a few pairs of old collections.

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Since 2005, VEJA has been creating sneakers differently, mixing social projects,
economic justice and ecological materials.

Clean, repair, recycle VEJA x DARWIN’s goal is to test a laboratory and invent
the store of the future. A shoemaker’s workshop will repair and clean worn
pairs of sneakers, while those in poor condition will be collected and recycled.