How to maintain / clean my VEJA?

For canvas models: the canvas can be brushed with cold water and Marseille soap, avoid putting them in the washing machine at risk that the leather inserts do not rub off on the canvas.

For leather models: Maintain the smooth leather of your shoes with a damp cloth and periodically with a specific product spray or cream. Velvet leather inserts can be maintained by dry scrubbing.



To maintain your pair of VEJA you can contact our Customer Service via the contact form and tell us which model you wish to clean. We remind you that the VEJA should not be cleaned in the washing machine. VEJA declines all responsibility following machine washing.


Your item is defective?

It may happen that your item is defective despite our quality controls, we apologize for this inconvenience. Please note that we work daily on the quality of our products and that your returns are precious to us.


In case your pair is defective, please contact our Customer Service via the contact form. You will be asked for the order invoice  / your order number for the analysis of your request.


Only production defects can be guaranteed. If your purchase was not made on our VEJA STORE website, please contact the Customer Service department of the retailer concerned directly.