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A humble and ecological store. 

 The mix of ciguë’s Japanese-like approach with VEJA’s more
electrical way of working creates a balanced, humble and
dynamic space. In line with VEJA’s way of making a sneaker,
ciguë revisited the materials and processes used to build the space.
The cigüe team created a new material developed in-house,
made from plaster and recycled paper. The pressed paper panels
are used throughout the store as a backdrop to enhance the sneakers.

Both teams gathered ideas to create an ecological store,
by reducing the use of paints and artificial decorations,
cigüe left the shell rough and raw, in its initial state,
revealing its history. The choice was also made to keep
the existing façade and wooden floor recently renovated
by the Parisian designer Raphael Navot. As a final key element,
the lighting was conceived by the Brazilian artist Kleber Matheus,
a master of neon lights.

 Back in 2008, VEJA switched from EDF to ENERCOOP,
adhering to renewable sources of energy for the main headquarters
and for the different stores. ENERCOOP is a French green electric
cooperative, who pledges to insert renewable energyin the grid,
matching its consumer’s consumption.



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In Montmartre, VEJA opens a raw, minimalist, andsober place. Inspired by São Paulo’s brutalist architecture of the ’70s, it combines wood and concrete.

For this store, VEJA’s will has remained the same: preserve the existing and only add what’s necessary.


The VEJA studio and architect Hugo Haas have worked to preserve as many elements of this former premises as possible,

previously occupied by the Spree concept store, loved by VEJA’s founders.