The VEJA team collaborated with Plantea Estudio architects to preserve the existing building
elements while adding only what was necessary. The space was designed to be minimalist and
contemporary, featuring a mix of raw and modern materials such as wood, bricks, and concrete.
The team sourced furniture from local antique dealers to incorporate vintage style into the store.
They also added custom-made neon art pieces by Brazilian artist Kleber Matheus to bring
a touch of modern art.
Located on the first floor of a V-shaped building, the VEJA store in Madrid features big windows
and Spanish courtyard vibes. The area covers 190 square meters, which gives us plenty of room
to showcase our latest collections of sneakers for women, men, and kids.
A space was also created to host events that bring together inspiring projects and people. The
store’s power source comes from Eni Plenitude, a supplier of renewable energy.
At the new Madrid store, there is also a new cobbler place as part of VEJA’s ongoing repair
project that started in 2020 at Darwin, Bordeaux. Visitors can now have their sneakers and
shoes cleaned, repaired, and collected, regardless of the brand.